How To Make Origami Ducks

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How To Make Origami Ducks

How To Make Origami Ducks

The art of origami originates in Japan. The word itself comes from “oru”, which means to fold, and “kami”, which means paper. Hundreds of objects can be created using origami once a few basic techniques are mastered. Among the simplest to make are the envelope, the hat and the boat.

How To Make Origami Ducks

1. Fold the paper in half diagonally and unfold, leaving a guiding crease through the center of your paper. Fold two opposite corners against the middle crease like the beginning of a paper airplane, creating a diamond shape.

2. Fold the set of opposite corners that are closest to each other in again to the middle crease, creating a rhombus shape. These new folds will be on the same side of the paper as the Step 1 folds.

Flip the paper over and fold in half along the middle crease. This will create a triangle with wing-like flaps on one side, and the beginning of the duck’s neck on the other.

4. Fold the base of the neck portion of the triangle by pushing it inside of the other layers of paper and folding, creating a new 90-degree corner in the neck of the duck. This is known as an inside reverse fold.

5. Fold the top of the neck in another inside reverse fold, creating the duck’s head. Repeat this fold with the tail, so the tail section extends at a 135-degree angle from the base of the duck.

6. Smooth the folds and pull out the duck’s wings slightly to complete the figure.

How To Make Origami Ducks


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